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Demons & Shadows

Some of the most varied kintypes are demons and shadows. Demonkin are incarnated demons. Shadowkin are incarnated shadow beings. Though initially demons seem to be very cut-and-dry as “evil spirits”, generally pictures with horns and tails, or as half-goat, this is not always the case. Though in most recent texts, such as the Bible, demons are depicted as unholy, malevolent spirits, many demonkin would disagree with this assessment. Despite the often devil-like looks of most demons in Biblical sources, in reality, demonkin can vary greatly in appearance. Shadowkin, on the other hand, are quite similar to demonkin, in that they are generally “darker energy beings”, but shadows seem to have a bit more “void” energy than demons. Demonkin and Shadowkin, like angelkin, have a fairly decently sized population within the otherkin community. Demonkin are generally more abundant than shadowkin, however.





Demons have long haunted the imaginations of humans. From their malicious demeanor, to their dark energy. However, many otherkin identify as demons, and would disagree with these statements. Also called “demonkin” and “demonics”, demon otherkin can very greatly. They can have a myriad of different forms, shapes, and sizes, depending on whom you are speaking with. Some demons have the stereotypical appearance of a goat-like human with horns and wings, while others see themselves as more of a dark “blob”. Generally speaking, most demonics would agree that their energy is fairly dark, there also seems to be an even greater component of chaos in relation to demons. Demons could be defined as “chaotic spirits”, while angels could be described as more “orderly”. According to Kahoku, a demonkin,

A demon, in true form, is generally an entity made of 99.9% energy. Demon otherkin are, as far as I discovered, quite moody individuals who seem to attract negative incidents. They are very curious, they observe humanity and sometimes seem quite out-of-place. They also have to get used to being in a physical body with all its limitations and obligations (eating, sleeping,…). Demons often see themselves as actors who play human and usually have little to no real friends. They don’t let themselves be put into a precast scheme (that’s why they are so hard to define) and generally avoid extremes. Apart from that, we are often (but not always):


  • passionate/temperamental

  • brutally honest

  • cynical

  • proud

  • having a strong sense for honor but also for freedom

  • moody (especially when disturbed by someone)

  • loners (cannot really attach to someone)

  • observers



Prime examples of types of demons are succubus, incubus, and the stereotypical Christian demons. Some may also consider shadow beings demons. However, like was initially stated. Demons vary quite a bit. Some may be evil, but many are quite neutral. Interestingly, it is said that the word, “demon” originated from the Greek word, “daemon”, which means “divine spirit” (Maddox). However, these “divine spirits”, were said to be of much lower status than gods (Maddox).






Shadows could be described as having a similar appearance to Medieval monks, according to most who have “seen” them (Offutt). There are a few “common” types of shadow beings, such as the hooded shadow beings that stand in doorways, or the the very interesting “hat man” that appears as a man wearing a fedora (Offutt). Another type, the “remora”, is characterized by a dark “blob-like” appearance (Archer). Shadow energy is usually quite dark, and sometimes off-putting. As Archer, a shadowkin explains in their essay, “Shadows: A Guide”,

The most obvious and important characteristic is that it’s dark. Very, very, very dark. Other entities, when they do energy work, tend to draw in light energy by instinct – not so with shadows. Other entities tend to have auras that glow – not shadows, who feel more like black holes.



                    Archer goes on to say, that shadow energy does not interreact well with other energy, such as light energy (Archer). Shadow energy is also difficult to sense (Archer). Shadows are said to be protective, but also “antisocial” (Archer).





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