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Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampirism is a form of vampirism in which the vampire needs to take in more energy than most non-vampires do. Though the exact cause of psychic vampirism is yet unknown, it is suspected that psychic vampires burn through energy too quickly, and then for whatever reason, cannot compensate easily themselves. For this reason, they need to feed on non-physical energy, such as chi, or prana. This can be done a number of ways, such as feeding from ambient energy (the energy given off in crowds at a concert, for example), or feeding directly from a group or individual. Generally speaking, it is strongly advised that the vampire feeds from a willing donor, if they are to go about the direct feeding route.

If a psychic vampire does not feed, they will experience symptoms, such as fatigue, lethargy, and headaches. Of course, many of these symptoms imitate those of other conditions, many of which are known medical conditions. It is always advised that someone suspecting that they might be a vampire see a doctor first to rule out other existing conditions, such as anemia.

Psychic vampires have also reported other more “metaphysical” symptoms, such as seeing, or sensing tendrils in their aura. It is often thought that a vampire’s aura will be smaller when they have not fed recently as well, due to lack of energy. Some also believe their chakras to be (sometimes permanently) damaged.

Generally speaking, when a vampire feeds, the associated symptoms will vanish for a period of time before they reappear once more, resulting in the vampire needing to feed again. This time period in between can vary, but most psychic vampires are advised to feed daily. Usually a psychic vampire will feed unintentionally on their own at a lower level than they would consciously. This is what keeps the vampire from essentially “passing out”. However, some vampires have difficulty in consciously feeding. There are a number of methods, such as imagery techniques that can be used in order to successfully feed. A few are as follows:



The Sponge Method: Imagine yourself as a sponge, sucking in the energy around you. This works primarily for ambient feeding.


The Vacuum Tendril Method: Imagine a tendril extending out of your core, and focusing on an energy source, such as a willing donor. Now, imagine the tendril as a vacuum, sucking in the energy around that person into your core.


The Net Method: Imagine a net coming from you, and capturing a crowd’s energy, and then reel the net in, and take the energy. Needless to say, this method works best with a crowd, rather than an individual.



There are many other methods, of course, and these are just a few. Remember! When you are feeding, keep an eye on the people you are feeding from. Do NOT overfeed on their energy. This can be harmful to that person, or group. If you notice that person getting exhausted, or looking faint, please stop immediately, and give back some energy, by imagining the energy flowing back into that person. Never feed from a person who is driving for obvious safety reasons.



If you believe you may be a vampire, please go HERE.

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